Founded in 2018, Thervo Technologies is a different kind of IT security management company. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and serving businesses throughout New England, we work closely with clients of all sizes to develop custom solutions designed to keep them safe from damaging, expensive data breaches. We do this by watching for and applying newly emerged software patches in real time, along with a host of other custom IT consulting services.Every company has unique needs — and unique vulnerabilities. At Thervo, our team of IT and data experts works to understand the ins and outs of your business in order to identify weaknesses and apply immediate and lasting solutions designed to keep your company safe.The Thervo Technologies team consists of experts with 40 years of combined experience in the IT support industry. We work collaboratively with you and, if applicable, your in-house IT team, to provide the support and training necessary to keep your company completely safe from cyberattacks. Our end-to-end process involves analyzing existing opportunities and threats to your business core, developing a project plan with deliverables and milestones, and installing the appropriate software tools to ensure that your company is protected over the long haul.


Theo Derosier

Director of Cloud Infrastructure and Marketing

Theo Derosier is an experienced IT professional and project manager with more than 10 years’ experience leading teams through the full project lifecycle. Theo’s areas of expertise include systems administration and security, device management and administration, architecture and process optimization, Azure and Office 365 administration, procedure development, team leadership, relationship management, training and knowledge transfer. Theo is a passionate team builder with a focus on excellence in everything he takes on. He stays current on ever-changing technologies and best practices through continuous learning.

Ray Rodríguez

Director of IT Infrastructure and Cloud Technologies

Ray is an IT specialist with more than a decade of experience implementing IT projects critical to his clients’ information infrastructure. An expert in cloud technologies, he is passionate about new and emerging trends in cloud computing. Ray regularly attends national seminars and conferences to stay on the bleeding edge of new trends in cybersecurity and cloud technology. He prides himself on being a calculated risk taker who relies on his deep knowledge of technology to assist his clients in transitioning to using efficient cloud services like Office 365, Windows Intune, CRM Online, Azure, hybrid cloud and AWS. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Clark University.